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Family PACT Matrix

Family PACT (Planning, Access, Care and Treatment)




How to Enroll

Family PACT (Planning, Access, Care and Treatment)

Family PACT services are designed to support family planning methods for women and men to manage the risk of becoming pregnant or the risk of causing pregnancy. In addition, services include assistance with related reproductive health conditions to achieve and maintain optimal reproductive health.

Why should I enroll?

Family PACT can help you:

  • Prevent an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Protect your reproductive health by helping you take care of yourself so that you can have a healthy baby when you are ready.
  • Find out about birth control methods.
  • Get the education, counseling, and treatment you need.

Women, men, and teens able to become pregnant or cause a pregnancy can get Family PACT services if they are low-income California residents.  Individuals may qualify for Family PACT if they meet the following criteria:

  • Resident of California (have a California address)
  • Gross family income at or below 200 % of FPL
  • At-risk of pregnancy or causing pregnancy
  • No other source of health care coverage for family planning services, or meet the criteria specified for eligibility with Other Health Coverage (OHC)
  • Female clients must be 55 years of age or younger, and male clients must be 60 years of age or younger

Other qualifications for eligibility:

  • If you have no medical insurance or can’t get Medi-Cal
  • If you have insurance, but it doesn’t cover family planning or birth control methods
  • If you have insurance, but you haven’t met your deductible
  • If you have Medi-Cal with Share of Cost but you have not met your Share of Cost
  • If you have Medi-Cal but it doesn’t cover family planning
  • If you have insurance or Medi-Cal, but you need to keep family planning services confidential

Email us at:

Hotline: (800) 942-1054 (English & Spanish)

Hours: 24 hours/ day

Hotline provides referrals to Family PACT providers throughout California. Family PACT provides free or low cost family planning services, including STD/HIV screening, pregnancy testing and counseling and pap tests, to low-income residents. Eligibility is very simple, and clients are enrolled at the doctor’s office at the time of first visit