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Individuals and Families

Individuals and Families

Obtaining health insurance for yourself and your family is important but not always easy.  On the individual market, insurance companies may still deny coverage due to a pre-existing condition for adults over age 19.  In addition, rates for individuals and families vary widely between insurance companies and the many coverage options they offer.   

If you are eligible for Medicare, please click here.  If you are eligible for group coverage through your business, you should be aware of the rights and protections you have purchasing coverage on the group market.  Details about group coverage by size of business can be found in the section, Coverage for Business

If you are purchasing insurance individually for yourself and your family, this section describes how to evaluate your options within the Individual Private Health Insurance market. For information about Public Programs, go to the section on this website entitled, Public Programs.

At a Glance

Currently, access to individual health insurance in California depends on the health status of applicants who are 19 and older. Individuals (except children) may be denied coverage, charged a higher premium, or have certain pre-existing conditions excluded from coverage for a period of time. This will change in 2014 when several of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are fully implemented. This section discusses coverage options that are available to individuals and families today.

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Note: If you feel that you have been denied coverage or services inappropriately, the San Diego Consumer Center for Health Education and Advocacy (CCHEA) is available to help you resolve your problem.  Call 1-877-734-3258 for assistance.