San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage, A Coalition for Health

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What We Do

SDHCC serves as a catalyst for achieving a vision for better health in the San Diego Region by leading through:

Convene and Build Consensus. Convening leaders and community members to identify and understand imperatives and critical issues and achieve consensus on a path to health for the community. Serving as a convener and bridge for collaborative initiatives among business and community sectors.

Education. Telling the story of how lack of access and affordable coverage affects individuals, families and businesses in our community. Learning from data and experts about what options and key decisions must be made. Building a community understanding about the importance of health reform and how we can work together to maximize the benefits for our community.

Advocacy. Being informed and ready to act…and then stepping up to advance our shared principles sets our coalition apart as a leader in local collaboration on a national issue. Through our coalition member organizations and our network, SDHCC works to promote and implement meaningful health reform, coverage and care for all San Diegans.

For Individuals & Families

For Individuals and Families:

  • Work to ensure that consumers and consumer advocates are active partners in identifying needs and solutions to achieve affordable, meaningful health coverage and care
  • Focus on finding coverage and care solutions that meet the needs of individuals and families at all income levels and status
  • Serve as a resource and spokesman on the impacts of health coverage status on individuals and families
  • Coordinate planning for a strong, robust healthcare delivery system across health sectors to provide a medical home, coordinated care, and health information to empower individuals and families towards healthy choices

For Business

For the Business Community:

  • Work to ensure that business is an active participant in identifying barriers and solutions to achieving affordable, meaningful health coverage and care
  • Have a long history working to maintain a strong understanding of business community needs and concerns
  • Focus on pursuing coverage and care solutions for business, whether sole proprietors, small, medium and large employers
  • Serve as a healthcare information and policy resource to the business community
  • Maintain linkages to state and national business organizations focused on health coverage and care
  • Coordinate planning for a strong, robust healthcare delivery system across health sectors; critical to caring for employees and attracting new businesses

For the Healthcare Community

For the Healthcare Community:

  • Work to ensure that the healthcare community is an active participant in overcoming barriers to achieving affordable, meaningful coverage and care for all San Diegans
  • Promote active participation and serve as a bridge for collaboration across healthcare sectors to improve care coordination, quality and value
  • Serve as an information and policy resource to the healthcare community
  • Coordinate education and planning for a strong, robust healthcare delivery system to meet the needs of all San Diegans

Our Successes

Summary of Successes - Activities:

  • Established and maintained a collaborative coalition with community leaders representing business, health, consumer, labor, faith, academia, community and other sectors.
  • Convened educational and interactive community forums and roundtables that brought national and international experts to provide information and insights into the fundamental elements of health reform
  • Established consensus SDHCC Principles and Required Elements for Health Reform
  • SDHCC Principles were adopted or utilized by many organizations in developing and advancing their positions on health reform, including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Active with business and other community organizations as a resource and catalyst for heightened understanding about the need and options for health reform, and potential impacts and benefits to San Diego
  • Recognized as a resource to media for unbiased information on health coverage, impacts and health reform, as well as to provide diverse spokespersons
  • Successfully developed a demonstration pilot project for a premium assistance program ("three share program" with shared responsibility between business, government and workers), advanced pilot through legislation cosponsored by the Regional Chamber and secured broad and diverse support; the legislation was ultimately killed to make way for the governor's failed effort for comprehensive statewide reform.
  • Actively engaged in community health improvement, coverage programs and initiatives that focus on improving the health of San Diegans

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