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Organizational History

Organizational History

San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage (SDHCC), a 501c3 corporation, was founded in 2002 by a coalition of concerned constituencies with a mission of improving access to health care through the expansion of coverage. SDHCC is established as a neutral and objective resource, skilled at convening stakeholder groups, providing community education, achieving consensus and moving the community forward as the landscape changes and evolves.

SDHCC's first project was the Business Healthcare Connection which partnered with business, provided outreach, education and assistance with health coverage, and worked to elevate health as a priority issue. In 2004-05, through focus groups and forums, SDHCC secured consensus on principles for coverage expansion. As a result, legislation for a 3-share pilot to expand workplace coverage was introduced (05-07) but ultimately overtaken by statewide health reform efforts.

Subsequently, SDHCC strengthened its coalition to "forge a strong local voice for health reform." Forums with national experts were conducted and SDHCC Principles and Required Elements for Health Reform were ratified by the Board and subsequently adopted by the Regional Chamber and others.

Beginning in October 2009 and passage of the ACA in 2010, SDHCC has focused on collaborative planning and education to prepare our community for health reform implementation. The San Diego Roadmap to Coverage and Care: Planning for Success Under Health Reform (June 2010) provides a blueprint leading to 2014. The ACA has generated many local projects, few of them integrated. SDHCC continues to work with our coalition to bring these efforts into a cohesive context and plan. The SDHCC Board of Directors, representing key community stakeholders, has remained true to its mission of coverage and care for all San Diegans, by constantly responding to political and environment changes and supporting our efforts over the years.