San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage, A Coalition for Health

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Who We Are – What We Do

Since 2002, San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage (SDHCC) has served as a coalition for health, a trusted community leader and an unbiased resource: Convening the community, providing the voice, and serving as the navigator to achieve optimal health coverage and care for all San Diegans. Our coalition brings together business, consumer advocates and consumers, physicians, hospitals, community health centers, other healthcare sectors, academia, faith-based organizations, labor, government, and other community-based organizations to achieve this goal. 

SDHCC pursues its mission to improve health coverage and care for all San Diegans.  For small, large or sole proprietor businesses faced with increasing coverage costs and decreasing benefits…for individuals and families struggling to secure or maintain coverage and healthcare… for seniors forced to forego prescription medications because they cannot afford them…and, for the uninsured who live sicker and die younger  because they lack access to healthcare.

At a Glance

At a Glance

SDHCC stands apart as a coalition.  As a unique and diverse partnership, the coalition is committed to non-partisan and inclusive collaboration that bridges the divide and builds consensus toward real change.  Our premise is that we are better off working together to find common ground than allowing our differences to divide and defeat us.

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